Most Popular 9-Pin Doubles Tournament in the State

Entry Fee

  • The Entry Fee is $30 per Bowler
  • The Entry Fee for the Grand Finals will be $40 per Bowler
  • All added entry money will go into the Prize Fund
  • Balance of Prize Fund will pay a ratio of 1 to 7 entries
  • $1 per Game for optional High Game Pots
    • up to 175 average
    • 176 and over average
  • $6 of every doubles will be added to the final tournament in September

Handicap Rules

  • Use highest previous season average 36 games or more.
  • Bowlers without book averages are not permitted to bowl in the 9-pin tournament.
  • Bowlers without previous season averages will use their highest average at the time of entry.
    • For 36 games or more
    • We reserve the right to re-rate bowlers or refuse entry
    • Re-rating will be done by a tournament committee
  • Any two bowlers on the same team who win 1st Place may be re-rated
    • Any team to win two tournaments will have their averages raised by 15 pins per bowler, including the Final
  • You must bowl at least three tournaments before April to be eligible for the Barbara Fox Memorial Tournament.
  • You must bowl at least three tournaments before August to be eligible for the final tournament in September.

Handicap Percentages

  • Men, Women, or Mixed - Combined 80% of 420
  • Any entry over 420 combined average will be given minus pins at 100% of the difference

Bonus Pins - added for the Final

  • One Bonus Pin - added to your Handicap for each Tournament you Bowl
  • Two Bonus Pins - added for the Tournament held in November
  • Double Bonus Pins - for Tournaments held in May June July and August
  • Three Bonus Pins - if you Bowl in at least Seven Tournaments before the Final
  • Five Bonus Pins - If you Bowl in the First Tournament in October
  • Current League Bowlers will be awarded 3 additional Bonus Pins per month for the Final Tournament
  • All Bonus Pins apply towards Final Tournament in September

Other Information

  • 4th Game 8 or more pins down on the 1st ball will count as a strike
  • 3rd, 6th, and 9th tournaments will be 8-Pin the last two games
  • All compete in the General Prize Fund

Kent Bowl 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament
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