Most Popular 9-Pin Doubles Tournament in the State

Grand Finals September 21st 2013 Qualified Bowlers

Those NOT listed did not compete in the minimum 3 events required before the August Tournament
Participants Name
by last name
before August
Total Bonus
pins added
for Final
Results and Winnings
Grand Finals 2013
Phillip Allen71256642108 1st Half $60 (Tie)
Kevin Anderson10178255681 2nd Place $375
Rodger Birgen8167344781 9th Place $60
Sharon Birgen7156433982 9th Place $60
John (Magic) Bristol621703030
Monica Carstens10163375693 2nd Place $375
Ladona Cooper10194125668 4th Place $150
Joe Davis9194125264 1st Half $60 (Tie)
Joe Deilossa9195*124658
Ben Dumont3193131326
Norm Gianusa7182223961 6th Place $100
Bruce Greetan1020905656 1st Place $700
Tim Hahn419892332 2nd Half $60
Jerry Hendrickson6190163652
Bill Jones4172302151
Bobby Jones4190162137
Jay Jones4184201737
Lynn Jones7132623799 Lucky 11th Place $100
Sara Lawrence3142541872
Steve Lawrence4188172239
Don Lopata8183*214354
Jane Losch10162385694 3rd Place $250
Duane MacDonald3188171835 1st Half $60 (Tie)
Janet Matzelle3147501868
Marty McCullom8175284775
Pam McCullom8168334881
Mike McEwen5196111738
Dan Mortonson3157421456
Kim Mottland4185202343 2nd Half $60
Val Muth4130642084
Don Myrtle9186195271 Lucky 7th Place $200
Kevin Nagasawa521202222 6th Place $100
Don Nienau520902626 10th Place $50
Vanessa Nienau3140561369
Chris Pell320171219
Kim Ringor3132621385
Cathy Russell6929234126
Dean Russell4152462268
Dan Sanchez9192145165 8th Place $65
Pam Sanchez9159404888 4th Place $150
Al Schulak3159402363 10th Place $50
Ben Sheline6128653499 5th Place $125
Kevin Sheline9195125264 5th Place $125
Pam Sims7172303767
Michael Tobin9189165268 Lucky 7th Place $200
Tammy Torkelson4141552075
Mary Underwood91395648104 3rd Place $250
Nancy Villa4127662389
KC Waterman3135601373
Tammy Waterman6154443074 Lucky 11th Place $100
Cindy Watts10159405696 8th Place $65
Alysha Williams313857 1st Half $60 (Tie)
Donna Williams5151472673
Pete Wood10184205676 1st Place $700
Jessica Wy3159401353
Stephen Yetter5188172239
Jack (ZAB) Zaborac4137582280
Handicap is based on Combined and NOT Rounded up so Individual Pins may Vary
* Denotes Players or Teams re-rated due to winning more than 1 Tournament per season

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